Going through your day-to-day life as a perfectionist can be exhausting. You don’t want to be the type of person who simply cannot rest unless things are absolutely just so, but you can’t help it—it’s part of who you are.

Being a perfectionist can mean that even going about your normal routine is going to cause you headaches. Heck, even crooked lines in the parking lot are enough to drive a perfectionist totally nuts!

These 25 examples of shortcuts taken by different people are the kind of images that are designed to drive your average perfectionist crazy. When you see what some people are capable of, you won’t believe your eyes.

1. Unless this park was opened by a serial killer there is absolutely no reason for there to be a giant gaping hole to nowhere at the base of the slide. All that’s missing are the flames shooting up from the pit and/or the cries of the other children who have gone before. 

2. Sometimes in the construction world, one team starts a project and another team is left to finish it. It is the hope of all involved that the plans are smoothly passed on to the new team. The operative word there being “hope” as this project makes it clear that sometimes confusion happens.


3. Stairs are, obviously, a helpful way of enabling people get from one floor to another. Stairs become infinitely less helpful when they do stuff like, you know, guide the person walking up them directly into a wall. What’s the deal, pointless M.C. Escher-inspired stairs?

4. When you’re riding a bike and in a bike lane that is specifically reserved for bikers, the last thing you’d expect are obstacles designed to send you flying! Clearly whoever installed this pole in the middle of the bike lane never got that particular memo.


5. When it comes to ATMs, accessibility is key. You don’t want to put the machine up so high that others might find it difficult to reach. That said, while the folks who installed this had good intentions, it looks like they might have gone a little too far.

6. Windows have a great way of brightening up even the darkest rooms in a house. Of course, in order for a window to actually be effective it needs to not be propped up in front of a wall of literal bricks. Somebody did not think this one through.

7. It’s awesome that this building was smart enough to install a ramp for the handicapped who might find using the stairs difficult. It is considerably less awesome that said ramp careens directly into a set of stairs. What gives?


8. Gates and fences are a great way of protecting your property from potential thieves or trespassers. However usually those gates align with walkways. Clearly, the person who installed this one was having a bad day.

9. Hmmm, something doesn’t look quite right here, does it? You don’t need to be an expert on all things Minecraft to recognize that somebody in the factory the day these guys were made maybe wasn’t paying the closest attention to the task at hand.


10. You know how sometimes you go to public parks or beaches and you see benches that are almost always occupied? Well this beach takes all the guess work out of the equation by making the act of sitting virtually impossible.

11. Railroads might not be as fast as planes but many people all over the world rely on trains to get around. The trains, meanwhile, rely on the tracks to run on time. It’s hard not to worry about the next train that tries to make its way down this particular track.

12. The placement of this door might look like an obvious oversight, but what if the design was completely intentional? They probably call it, “the door of our enemies” and it’s where they send all of their party guests who show up without a bottle of wine.

13. This necklace certainly has a lot of information to give to the person buying it. It’s always nice to feel like you’re an informed shopper. However it’s less nice when all of the information that comes your way is 100% confusing. Canada or the USA? Is it a shell or not? Make up your mind, necklace.

14. Security cameras are a great way of protecting your business from any sort of potential outside threat. However, in order for them to actually do their job they need to be pointing at something… other than a blank wall, right? Yeesh.

15. Some things were made to go together, like oil and vinegar, peanut butter and jelly, chocolate and almonds. However, then there are some things that absolutely shouldn’t go together. You know, like water and electricity. This plumber needs his license revoked.

16. You’ve probably seen one of these automated bars protecting the entrance of a parking lot you’ve visited in the past. However, what you haven’t seen is an automated bar so short that it exists more as a gesture than as something that really does its job.

17. Men’s bathrooms are definitely a little bit different than women’s bathrooms. The urinal is perhaps the most obvious divergence. However, this particular bathroom might be more than a little too intimate for even the most open-minded man.

18. If you are taking an escalator up the stairs to get to your gym, then you automatically have to put in at lest 10 more minutes on the treadmill inside before you leave. It’s actually what these folks have written into their contracts.

19. Most ramps that exist at small businesses are just there to help make things easier for handicapped people. Unless, of course, you are entering or exiting this building. Here, the ramp is less of a help and more a direct challenge.


20. These stairs are clearly an example of how not to build a shopping center. Maybe the second floor was an afterthought, or perhaps the stairs were; either way, it’s going to be a long trip down if you get all the way to the top before you realize you’ve got nowhere to go.

21. Having a door in your house that is only accessible by a child who is capable of flight is all well and good. The thing is: how does this family know Peter Pan will ever actually show up?

22. How long do you think the person who opened up this laptop stared in confusion at the keyboard before they realized that something was seriously wrong? Of course, this problem is easily solved: get a refund.

23. Gotta say it, this is a pretty smart hack to employ after you realize too late and you’ve gone and installed the toilet way too close to the door. That said, the whole point of a door is to have a little extra privacy, something this hack doesn’t exactly support.

24. When you’re riding on an elevated highway you almost never think about what’s supporting you and your car that keeps the road from tumbling down. However, now that you’ve seen this you probably won’t be able to stop thinking about it.


25. Fresh fish is a delicious dinner choice. That said, this might be taking”fresh” a little too far. Just think about the smell… and the fact that this plan involves having live fish in your fridge at all times.

It is just crazy the shortcuts people will try to take when they realize they have made a mistake in their plans! It really changes the way you look at the world. All you can do is laugh!

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