These Supposedly “Healthy” Foods Aren’t Exactly What They Claim To Be

Whether you’re training tirelessly in the gym for a marathon or just cranking out some ab-burning exercises in the middle of your living room floor, staying active keeps your body healthy and helps you live longer. What you put into your body when it comes to food is the other side of the wellness equation. […]

Embarrassing Errors In Classic Animated Films That Somehow Made It Through Production

Making a movie is no easy feat, and that goes double when the movie is an animated feature. Making cartoons and computer graphics move around and express themselves like real people requires a ton of people craning their necks for long hours at computer screens. Sometimes, no matter how much work people put into a […]

CASH & CONTROVERSY: Instagram Mom Melts Down The Internet After Sharing How She Funds Luxury Lifestyle

This online influencer drives fancy cars, owns expensive jewelry…and shares her fancy lifestyle with her followers. Elle is one of those controversial influencers. She released a video where she told her followers how she really makes money online. She recently went on Instagram Live telling she wants to give something back to her followers, but […]

Tesla Employees Are Leaking Details About The Strict Rules Elon Musk Makes Them Follow

When it comes to tech tycoon Elon Musk, the world’s opinions are pretty divided. People either see him as a genius who will save the world from the effects of climate change, or they see him as an eccentric rich guy with a lot of wild opinions and outlandish dreams. Few, however, are aware of […]

Preposterous Cold War-Era Inventions That Probably Shouldn’t Have Been Built

They say necessity is the mother of invention, but when said necessity involves winning an arms race and avoiding nuclear catastrophe, you can count on the birth of way too many inventions! This pressure to create is sure to generate some world-changing ideas, but it’s also highly likely you’ll wind up with a whole bunch […]

Tech Inventions That Will Give You Serious Nostalgia

Smartphones, apps, and touch screens, oh my! In the blink of an eye, new tech gets unveiled to the world, and it soaks up everyone’s attention. Tech gadgets have gotten so innovative, and frankly addictive, that you can’t even go an hour without seeing dozens of people absorbed in a screen. There have been plenty […]

Genius Inventions That Look Like They Were Plucked From The Future

Is the future here yet? Well,  we still have a ways to go before we perfect flying cars and teleportation — but that doesn’t mean radically cool and futuristic inventions aren’t hitting the shelves every day. These products will change the way you eat, work, and play (plus they look pretty darn cool to boot). […]

BLOOPER: Instagram Mom Receives Online Hate After Sharing How She Funds Luxury Lifestyle

Instagram stars have been under a lot of fire lately. Nothing these people do feels real. Instagram star Emily is one of those controversial influencers. She released a video where she told her followers how to become famous like her. There is so much controversy around Instagram stars and so-called ‘influencers’ these days. For so […]