Parents Whose Epic Holiday Pranks Were Way Worse Than Getting Coal As A Present

We all love spending tons of time with family during the holidays, but it’s easy to go a little crazy cooped up with the lot of them when holiday fever’s in full swing. To blow off some steam, nothing works better than pulling a Christmas prank or two. These parents staged some of the funniest […]

Hollywood Sisters Who Are Proof That Talent Runs In The Family

When you think of all the talented people competing to become the next big actor or singer, it’s hard to believe that two people from the same family can become superstars – the odds are just too slim! But at the same time, lightning does strike twice on rare occasions. These famous sisters defied the […]

Samsung Showcases New Monitors for Gamers, Professionals Ahead of CES 2019

CRG9 monitor comes with a curved screen sporting a 32:9 aspect ratio The ultra-wide display is optimised for playing games Space Monitor is optimised for office workers, said Samsung Samsung Electronics is showcasing new monitors at CES 2019, meant for different users ranging from gamers and office workers to designers. The South Korean tech giant […]

WhatsApp Will Stop Working on Nokia S40 Today, Older Android and iPhone Models to Lose Support in 2020

WhatsApp has already stopped working on Nokia Symbian S60 OS It will not work on devices that run on Nokia S40 from today WhatsApp to stop working on older versions of Android and iOS too WhatsApp announced the end of support for a slew of mobile devices a few years ago, and this includes devices […]

These Superfoods Will Improve Your Life In More Ways Than One

Walk through the supermarket and nearly every product makes some bold claim about what it can do for you. Crackers promise to maybe lower cholesterol, and a grain’s packaging will proclaim it to be the best replacement for insert commonly eaten food here. Do any products at the store actually tell the truth? Well, there […]

Here’s A Look Inside America’s Most Haunted Hotel

Are you the kind of person who enjoys a good scare? A lot of people seek out the chance to see a ghost or experience some kind of paranormal phenomena, and there’s no better place to do that than a century-old hotel so spooky it inspired a critically-acclaimed horror movie. Colorado’s Stanley Hotel has quite […]

Popular Foods From Long Ago That Absolutely No One Wants To Make A Comeback

Have you ever looked at something on a menu and thought, “No way would I ever eat that!”? Everyone has their limit when it comes to unusual cuisine. Some are brave enough to venture into the world of fried frog legs and sauteed insects, while others can’t even stomach something as common as broccoli. Recipe […]

Wild Facts About Antarctica That They Definitely Don’t Teach In Schools

Can you imagine thousands and thousands of miles of uninhabited land with zero electricity? With climates so inhospitable that without supremely specialized equipment, humans would quickly perish? It sounds like life on Mars, but this place we’re talking about is actually a whole lot closer to home. Life in Antarctica is extreme. So much so, […]

Photographer Captures Rare Wolves That Are Unlike Any Other Canines On Earth

For centuries, wolves have been feared by villagers who feel the canines might snatch children from beds or wreak havoc on the village’s livestock. Wolves, those villagers think, are snarling animals thirsty for blood and hungry for red meat. While these legends have been amplified due to the fact that most wolves spend their time […]