Instagram stars have been under a lot of fire lately. Nothing these people do feels real. Instagram star Emily is one of those controversial influencers. She released a video where she told her followers how to become famous like her.

There is so much controversy around Instagram stars and so-called ‘influencers’ these days. For so much people everything feels fake. Models take pictures with their whole face covered with make-up, and on top of that they put a filter that makes them look even more beautiful. Nothing on Instagram and the other social media sites feels like reality. All of these stars have millions of followers, because they create a world that isn’t real, that all of their followers can only dream of living in. It’s something they will never be able to experience though.

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There’s a lot of hate towards Instagram models nowadays.

On top of that there’s the ‘influencers’, the stars on social media who are sponsored by big companies to promote their products. Emily does it too, she gives promotion codes to her followers to buy products for a cheaper price. Not so long ago she even started making merchandise with her own brand. Not everyone’s pleased with this. Emily want’s to give something back to her followers, but people think it’s all about the money.

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Emily received lots of hate after posting a video wherein she explains all her secrets.

To give others a chance to become a star on social media like her, Emily made a video where she tells all her secrets to her followers. It’s very detailed and she gives some interesting advice. And yet Emily has never received more hate than after she made this video. People are saying “This is just one big mountain of lies”. Watch the video now.

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