Parents Whose Epic Holiday Pranks Were Way Worse Than Getting Coal As A Present

We all love spending tons of time with family during the holidays, but it’s easy to go a little crazy cooped up with the lot of them when holiday fever’s in full swing. To blow off some steam, nothing works better than pulling a Christmas prank or two. These parents staged some of the funniest […]

Girl Was Standing On Street Corner With Bag Of Cash, The Reason Why Moved Everybody

Addie Bryan was born with “backwards” legs, and at just five days old, she had to wear casts. They were the first of around 60 or 70, and she has also endured a number of surgeries. The brave youngster was born with Larsen syndrome, a rare condition that causes abnormal bone development. She spent most of […]

Girl Gives Her Dinner To A Beggar, Months Later Her Dad Gets A Phone Call

A proud father has shared the moment his daughter shared her dinner with a homeless man after she saw him sitting outside a restaurant. Eddie Scott filmed his daughter Ella taking her untouched dinner plate out of the restaurant where she sat with her father, and giving it to a man outside instead. Mr Scott, […]

This is Probably the Closest I’ll Ever Get to Tickling a Baby Gorilla

Gorillas are awesome Join Devotte, a gorilla caregiver, for a fun tickle session with baby Lulingu. Lulingu was saved by the Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education Center (GRACE), the world’s only sanctuary for Grauer’s gorillas, a critically endangered ape that only lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Poaching has brought gorillas to the brink […]

Woman Gives Injured Monarch Butterfly a Wing Transplant and It Works!

Imgur user dressgirl200 recently shared an amazing story of how she was able to give an injured monarch butterfly a wing transplant and restore the little guy’s ability to fly. You can find the step-by-step process and captions from the original post below. The patient~ this 3 day old little boy was born with torn […]

There’s a Fake Paris in China and the Side by Side Photos are Eerie

Paris Syndrome is a photo series by François Prost that explores the bizarre similarities between Paris and a Chinese replica of Paris called Tianducheng. According to Prost: Tianducheng was built 10 years ago as a suburb of the Chinese city, Hangzhou. It displays a 100m high Eiffel tower, a 31km2 Haussmanian style neighborhood and a […]

Cockatiel Sings Apple Ringtone Whenever It Gets Upset (with Updated Reaction Vid)

Meet Lucky. When Lucky gets upset he sings the Apple ringtone. It usually happens when the owners tie their shoes to get ready to leave the house. Here is a demonstration. *Update* Lucky has since been informed of ‘going viral’ and is already OVER IT. See reaction video below. Lucky became famous for singing a […]

This Husky Wants No Part of His Owners Christmas Card

Although he’s not actually grumpy, Siberian husky Anuko, has become Internet-famous for his unimpressed demeanour. In fact, Anuko’s owner Jasmine tells us: “He has a dark black mask around his face that makes him look that way. It runs in his family. His surly, steely expression isn’t down to any kind of innately grumpy character, […]