These Supposedly “Healthy” Foods Aren’t Exactly What They Claim To Be

Whether you’re training tirelessly in the gym for a marathon or just cranking out some ab-burning exercises in the middle of your living room floor, staying active keeps your body healthy and helps you live longer. What you put into your body when it comes to food is the other side of the wellness equation. […]

BLOOPER: Instagram Mom Receives Online Hate After Sharing How She Funds Luxury Lifestyle

Instagram stars have been under a lot of fire lately. Nothing these people do feels real. Instagram star Emily is one of those controversial influencers. She released a video where she told her followers how to become famous like her. There is so much controversy around Instagram stars and so-called ‘influencers’ these days. For so […]

Girl Was Standing On Street Corner With Bag Of Cash, The Reason Why Moved Everybody

Addie Bryan was born with “backwards” legs, and at just five days old, she had to wear casts. They were the first of around 60 or 70, and she has also endured a number of surgeries. The brave youngster was born with Larsen syndrome, a rare condition that causes abnormal bone development. She spent most of […]

Triplets Are Having A Rough Life, Until These Strangers Decide To Make It Easier

When the Yeckes Triplets arrived at Valley High School in Las Vegas, they didn’t seem to care about school. Haley, Kassidy, and Sierra were defensive toward teachers, counselors, and authoritative figures in general. They had attendance issues and were failing their classes. The girls kept to themselves and only relied on each other. Instead of […]

Widow Struggles To Keep House Neat, Until Kind Strangers Decide To Help

At 90 years old, this lady was facing hefty fines of up to $2500 a day.  A family member had been storing his belongings and trash at her home for years.  When the neighbors complained, the city took action. One of Agnes’ family members has been storing their belongings in and around her house. The […]

Girl Gives Her Dinner To A Beggar, Months Later Her Dad Gets A Phone Call

A proud father has shared the moment his daughter shared her dinner with a homeless man after she saw him sitting outside a restaurant. Eddie Scott filmed his daughter Ella taking her untouched dinner plate out of the restaurant where she sat with her father, and giving it to a man outside instead. Mr Scott, […]

This Man Is Overjoyed After His Break, And Here Is Why

We didn’t realize that picking up recycling was a full body workout until we met Demarian Henderson. “It’s not an easy job, even though we make it look easy,” said Henderson, who’s been working on the back of waste trucks for the last three years. Five days a week, he’s working four to five different […]