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China’s New ‘God Of War’ Statue Is Unlike Anything They’ve Ever Built Before

Over the past century, China has become known for its towering skyscrapers that make for an impressive skyline. These gigantic buildings draw tourists from all around the world and offer them the chance to see architectural beauty up close.

The city of Jingzhou has recently unveiled the latest in a laundry list of astonishing buildings that continue to pop up. It’s called the “God of War” statue, and it dwarfs all other man-made constructions around it.

Now, people are flocking to the city to catch a glimpse of this towering work of art…

There are plenty of countries all over the world that boast astounding architecture, but China has been going above and beyond lately. In the city of Jingzhou, workers have constructed one of the most impressive pieces of craftsmanship you’ll ever see.

The looming structure depicts the “God of War,” Guan Yu. Yu was a war general who played a significant role in the fall of the Han dynasty. Many Chinese worship him, and there are shrines devoted to him in many of the shops and restaurants around the city.


Construction of the statue started a while back. It required meticulous planning and thorough blueprints due to its sheer size. However, it was important to workers that they were a part of the construction of such a significant figure in Chinese history.


The entire statue is made of pure bronze and stands a whopping 190 feet tall! On a clear day, it can be seen from miles away, and it looks as though Guan Yu is watching over the bustling city below, protecting the people of Jingzhou.


The bronze that was used to build it was incredibly heavy. Workers were only able to carry small pieces at a time; it was a grueling process. The finished product weighs more than 1,320 tons! Needless to say, it’s one of the heaviest statues ever created.


Four thousand strips of dense bronze were carefully glued together and placed over the skeleton structure of the statue to achieve its epic appearance. The bronze color reflects the sun’s rays and gives it the appearance that it’s glowing on a sunny day.


Guan Yu was constructed on a pedestal that houses a museum commemorating him. The people of China consider him to be a god because of his military successes. The statue also celebrates the country’s rich history, military, and mythology.


Guan Yu brandishes a 150-ton axe known as his “Green Dragon Blade.” This was the nickname for his weapon of choice on the battlefield; hundreds of enemy soldiers were felled by it. The statue holds it proudly while standing atop a Chinese warship.

Visitors have the opportunity to climb a staircase inside of the statue where they will learn about the history of Guan Yu and his achievements. They’ll also be offered spectacular views of the city and surrounding land.


The “God of War” statue is one of the most impressive manmade feats of architecture ever built. The residents of Jingzhou are grateful every day that such a special part of their history has been brought to life in an astounding way.

What a monumental achievement! It would be amazing to get to see this in person someday.

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