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Devastating Photos Of Pollution In China Show Just How Much We’ve Destroyed Planet Earth

Though we all know that pollution—whether caused by something as obtrusive as a towering smokestack or an abandoned soda bottle—is a bad thing, it can be difficult to visualize the true toll it’s actually taking on our poor planet. That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to some of the most egregious examples.

There’s perhaps no better evidence of the dangers of pollution than in China. The massive nation has a huge problem with pollution and, when you see some of these pictures, it becomes impossible to deny. They’re a haunting glimpse of what it looks like when we push our planet to its limit…

1. Can you imagine a future where a fake skyline must be erected for tourists because the real landscape is too smoggy? That’s a pretty darn bleak. You might as well stay home at that point.


2. This smog looks like a disaster film, but it’s all too real. Air pollution is so common in China that people don’t think twice to commute to work as if everything was normal. It’s become a part of daily life.


3. Here, chemical waste lies stagnant beneath a sheet of ice. One woman stops to fill up a water bottle of the nasty stuff just to show other people how bad the conditions have gotten. It looks like a river of blood, not water!


4. In this photo, a fisherman wades into the water to sift through thousands of poisoned fish. Clearly, there must be some seriously nasty chemicals flowing through those waves…


5. Massive oil spills are another example of just how much pollution is out of control in countries like China. Just imagine how tough it must be to clean up something like this—the guy’s suit is covered in it!


6. Cleaning another oil spill off the coast requires a team of many people, and yet even their numbers don’t make this effort any less daunting. Look at the scale of that mess!


7. These clouds of smog cover the Beijing skyline. If you didn’t know that they were caused by pollution, there would almost be something eerily fantastic about this dense cloud coverage…


8. Water that’s filled to the brim with waste is such a frequent occurrence in some parts of China that it doesn’t deter young children—like the one pictured here—from swimming in it.


9. A flood recedes after scattering trash all over the street. Rather than make any effort to clean it up, the citizens are so used to this level of pollution that they just focus on walking through the mess to get to where they need to go.


10. This factory sends plumes of smoke into the sky every day and the folks riding by on their bicycles are so used to sights like this that all they do is keep moving. It must be so difficult to breathe!


These are pretty depressing images. It’s as important to remember that we only have one planet; anything we can do to decrease waste and be sustainable will help!

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