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Don’t Panic, But You’ve Been Eating Pringles Wrong Your Entire Life

 In this modern world, it would appear that we can’t get anything right. Just when you thought you were doing alright, something comes along to knock the wind out of your sails.Be it learning the true ingredients in your favorite McDonald’s meal or discovering that your favorite celebrity is not who they claim to be, life can be unforgivable, and it’s about to just get worse for Pringles lovers.

For decades, we have been enjoying the uniquely shaped snacks, blissfully unaware that there is actually a correct way in which to consume them – and no, it doesn’t involve making them into a duck beak.First sold in 1967, the curved potato chips became a cult classic across the globe by the ’90s. In fact, they became such a precious commodity that specially designed Tupperware boxes were made for them to ensure that they survived a trip in every school child’s lunchbox.However, despite our worshipful behavior of the American made potato chips, we failed to realize how to eat them as intended.Every inch of Pringles is carefully crafted to ensure maximum consumer satisfaction, from the delicately warped crisps to the packaging – if you haven’t got your hand stuck in a Pringle tube once in your life then you’ve been doing it wrong in every aspect.So, when you learn how to eat them the correct way, you will question everything you thought you knew.To highlight the importance to eat them correctly, let us introduce a little science into the mix. The shape of a Pringle is scientifically recognized as a hyperbolic paraboloid, which may mean absolutely nothing to you at first. However, once you learn that this structure is responsible for delivering a whole pack of Pringles intact to your awaiting mouth, you will be grateful of this science.But, there is something else that this shape enables…

Now, it is most likely that you are placing the Pringle in your mouth to fit it with your tongue. Don’t panic, it’s basic human instinct to do so. But, just like most basic human instincts: it’s wrong.In actual fact, you should be putting them into your mouth exactly as they appear when you first open the packaging – if you can hold off from scoffing them all uncontrollably in one go.Now, we hear you: this is ridiculous. But, Pringles themselves have confirmed the reason why and it makes for compelling snacking. Kurt Simon, the director of marketing for the brand, clarified why it is so important to do it right:

“We’ve noticed that most people do eat them, as you would say ‘upside down,’ I think because they fit right on your tongue that way. But that’s not necessarily what I do. How do I eat them? You, and maybe most people, would call it eating it ‘upside down,’ I would call it eating them the right way.”

Supposedly, this way releases more flavor to your tastebuds due to the way in which Pringles are manufactured. Only recently has both sides of a Pringle become evenly dusted with flavoring, but even still one side is slightly lacking in that all important good stuff.Thus, if you eat a Pringle the “wrong way” then you are frivolously throwing away a flavor sensation, which really is sacrilege.Meanwhile, at border control Pringles are causing concerns for customs officials in a whole different way. What they found inside this can will make you feel a little queazy…