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Jazz Mascot Wrecks Clippers Fan Who Was Mean To Kid During In-Game Contest

NBA Scoreboard Stats Standings Teams Players Odds Jazz Mascot Wrecks Clippers Fan Who Was Mean To Kid During In-Game Contest by Mike Cole on Mon, Apr 24, 2017 at 1:49PM 487 Share this: We should state, off the top, that we don’t know exactly how “true” this story is, but rather man, do we need it to be authentic. The Utah Jazz facilitated the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday night in a vital Game 4 of their NBA playoffs first-round arrangement. The Jazz won and leveled the arrangement at two amusements each, which is fine and dandy. In any case, what we truly need to discuss is the thing that occurred amid an in-amusement challenge at Vivint Smart Home Arena. Amid a break in play, a couple fans were conveyed down to the court and tossed on some of those air pocket soccer suits and circled the court. It was a hoot. Be that as it may, one person in a Clippers pullover attempted to demolish the enjoyment by singling out a youthful child. He pivoted and knock the child, sending him sprawling, which didn’t sit well with the group’s mascot, Jazz Bear.


Blast. Once more, we need to trust this was a spontaneous move by everybody included, except given the reality the person was wearing a Clippers pullover, we can’t resist the urge to ponder whether it was organized. In any case, watching that mascot run full speed into an air pocket, sending a human flying, is entrancing.