She, her husband, and their child were on a plane flying to Bali, Indonesia when she learned that her husband had been unfaithful. She had been drinking on the flight, and (already suspecting something was up, it seems) used her sleeping husband’s finger to unlock his phone.

What she found confirmed her suspicion that her husband was cheating on her. She then started fighting both with her husband and with the plane crew who tried to calm her down.

The Central Industrial Security Force wouldn’t give much detail about what actually happened. the Times of India reports, the fight apparently got so bad that the plane had to make an emergency landing and remove the family from their flight. The pilot diverted the plane to Chennai in eastern India where the family were offloaded and the plane then resumed its flight.

Luckily, security officials at the Chennai airport sympathized with the woman. She was both a little drunk and in obvious emotional distress. They let her sober up before putting the whole family on a connecting flight back to Doha.

At first, this woman’s story might sound extreme, and it is. But just think about the circumstances. She was on a family trip, already had a few drinks, and just learned that the man who promised to love and support her may have been involved with someone else. An emotional outburst seems pretty natural here, don’t you think?

All we can hope for her is that she and her husband can talk about what happened and she’ll eventually be able to heal.

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