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Student Walks 20 Miles to Work, And His Company’s Response is Inspiring

The day before Walter Carr’s first day at work, his car broke down. Because he refused to be late at work, he put on his boots and walked the whole night to arrive on time. The young man’s determination inspired many people in and outside the company. One of his colleague was so inspired that she decided to reward Walter. The student could barely believe his own eyes when he saw what his colleagues had prepared for him in the parking lot.

Aspiring Marine

Walter Carr grew up in a small town in the state of Alabama. As an African American, living in the South wasn’t always that easy. Yet Walter was a hardworking teenager with impeccable grades. His hard work at school paid off, because he was able to go to college. Currently he is studying a college degree in Health Sciences. With his strong academic records, Walter plans to one day serve his country by joining the U.S. Marines.

Walter Carr was about to start a student job at a moving company 20 miles from where lived.

Car Problems

To realize his dream Walter looked for a job so that he could start repaying his college tuition. After having written an application to several places, he found a moving company that was willing to give him a chance. The company was located 20 miles from where he lived, but that was no problem because Walter had a car. Then Walter was struck by some bad luck. The night before he was about to start working at the moving company, his car broke down. He called his friends and family living nearby, but none of them was able to help him or give him a lift the next day. Walter was left with a big problem, but he was not one to simply give up.

The night before his first day of work, his car broke down. He had no choice but to walk 20 miles to work.


Most people would call their work and explain their situation or call a cab, but Walter did none of this. He didn’t have any extra cash to spend, so there was only one option remaining. He would have to walk to work. He knew that walking 20 miles was far from easy, so he put on his walking boots and started his long hike at midnight to arrive on time the next day. 7 hours later he arrived and was ready to start his day.

His colleagues were moved by his incredible dedication and started a collect to buy him a new car.

Touching Gesture

He couldn’t afford to immediately fix his car, so Walter walked to work for several day. His colleagues all admired his determination and decided to do something for him. To make his daily commute go easier, they planned on buying him a bike. A collect was organized, which turned out to be way more popular than initially planned. There was even money enough to buy him a car. When he was handed the keys to his brand new car, Walter was shocked by his colleagues’ generosity. Touched by their gesture, he is now even more motivated to finish his studies and to one day become a marine.